Clients Frequently Ask About Being Found On Google.

My standard answer is that they need to write articles every day. But then I say who has time for that. It usually takes me most the day to write an article, but to get really good ranking you need to write an article every day. The people who asking are busy people who have to hustle all day long for their business.

So any writing of articles will have to be done at night after hours. Some of the highest-ranking sites on web have teams of writers so they are adding several articles every day. I understand the average small businessperson cannot compete with that. Any content you can write will help your web site, so writing whenever you can is the best solution.

Creating A Site map

There are things I can do and I will do them like submitting a site map that is resubmitted every time your web site is updated. Some search phrases will not have much competition for them but for the most part the only way to be number one is to write a lot.

Using AdWords

There are always AdWords, but that costs money. The cost of the keywords depends on the competition for key phrases that you bid on. AdWords work by bidding on keywords, with the highest bidder getting top billing in all of the ads. The ads are usually in a column at the side of the page. Which ads are shown on any given page depends on the search term used to bring up that page. This page is called the SERPS or search engine results page. The bid amount is charged to your account when your ad is clicked upon. You can set a daily maximum; when this is reached your ads are no longer shown.

Number On Google

Being number one on Google is a national market and that will not be of much help if you are only servicing a local market. It is true that you can buy AdWords that will only show in your local area. This is entirely possible and Google is very good at this. Also if your market is local why not advertise your website in the local newspaper? This is the ideal combination. Newspaper advertising is very expensive so why not have just short, small inexpensive ads introducing your web site? Now you have the best of both worlds, the old and the new.

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