Why You Should Need Your Own Domain For Blogging?
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Why You Should Need Your Own Domain For Blogging?

Does your blog have its own identity? Does it known by its own domain name like mine?
If your answer is no then you are at right place to understand why your blog should have its own domain. Domain is like an address or identity of your brand. Your domains represent your website which tells people to this my website come and look what inside our world. It helps you to create your brand which going to spreads worldwide to create its identity.

Domain plays important role while creating your own brand blog or website, therefore choose it wisely. How do you pick a domain name for your blog? In short, it must be easy, short and quick memorable.
So all domain names are now floating around your mind! But is there any benefits of having own domain.

Why shouldn’t I use a free one platform like WordPress pr blogspot?

Yes there are many benefits of having your own domain name and we pointed them below. Just take a look at them.

Creates your own brand

Your own domain name must like your own brand on internet. Without having a proper name how peoples can locate your brand. Domain name plays an important role in branding your product or website.
There is millions of website available and each has their own brand name or called domain name. So your domain name going to fill your brand identity.
Let’s take a small and easy example of Google. If Google not having its domain like google.com how peoples can locate it on the internet?

Represents your website

Domain represents your website and your brand. It’s put your product in front of the people. It is your brands unique identity.
Let’s take another small example of facebook. Domain name of facebook must represent facebook’s social networking product. If facebook not having a domain name how can people reach to its product
Locate easily on web
Domain plays very important role on internet. It helps peoples to locate easily on the web. Like www.squarems.com or www.google.com. Domain name make it easy to find your brand online for people.
Without domain name how can people locate your website or web product. So get your own domain name now to locate your product or website easily.

Improve online presence

Online presence is a most important thing on internet and a domain name helps you to make your online presence. Your domain name helps you to reach millions of people without going anywhere. It is like a source of interaction of your product and users.

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