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Why Do We Need Google Workspace?

Google Workspace

Google workspace was launched in the year 2006 as Google apps for your domain and rebranded as G Suite in 2016 later in October 2020 it was named Google Workspace. Google has recently announced Google Workspaces to support the Google movement of individuals and teams. Now predominantly working from home.

In this Google workspace overview, I am going to tell you exactly what Google workspace is… And the important features of Google Workspace have offered. Essentially Google workspace is a rebranded evolution of G Suite. Google has done this because of the improvements of integration between their tools and therefore google workspace is a better representation than G Suite. Now it is not just the name that changed you will notice that many of Google’s products have different logos and color schemes to represent the seamless integration of their tools.

It consists of many apps for different types of work like Gmail, drive, googles pay, googles classroom, Google docs., spreadsheets, calendars, slide forms, etc. Right now, a heavy focus for Google is on simplicity and case of use around team collaboration and communication. However, it is still very early days for Google workspace and Google will take out many more features over the coming months.

Advantages of Google Workspace

  • Google workspace is easy to use and it has a simple interface.
  • All the apps are seen as interconnected to each other as it is easy to switch to another app.
  • Google workspace focuses on real-time collaboration and communication.
  • Many of the users and workers can work at the same time. There’s no issue with it.
  • Google workspace is based on artificial intelligence and provides smart and unique suggestions.
  • There is no need of installing any special software.
  • It can be owned through any web browser.
  • There is no risk of data loss because our work is automatically saved on Google services.
  • It is compatible with MS office and open office.
  • While using the apps no advertisements are shown.

Google Workspace Admin

Here Google workspace admin means the person who manages or handles all the services done by Google. Google apps is a great product that gives you access to your administration Consoles like Gmail where you can log in and you can do things like creating new users, deleting those users, resetting the password, creating new groups and new passwords even you can do things like checking who is sending what kind of emails are there inside your domain and outside your domain. So, every admin has access to the admin panel of Google Workspace admin. So, this is the place where you go to manage everything you do with your account as well as you can see options like adding new users, managing the groups, changing the settings for different devices and you can also upload your logo.

So, while you use Gmail everyone has the same logo and by the user menu someone can add or remove the users, they may change the password and they may update any of the user accounts inside an organization.

Google Vault is a secure place where the same copy of every mail that comes in and out of the business and as well as other files are also stored. And if someone deletes the data or anything or files from the folder Google vault has every record of it.

There is a transfer in an offer that gives you a bunch of value only when you are an existing workspace user. And do they offer is that you can access our Google classroom which has training for you and the team including free certificates given by the Google.

You can also get access to exclusive content that is not published publicly like access to online games we play with our team and additional training that we hold a company with over 40 to 50 employees all over the world. Now how we will get access to our free classroom? Our team will do a free check to DNS just to make sure that you have got everything set up in your workspace account, of course, you can get access to our team and we give free support to those that are transferred in.


Google gives you protection to your data. The level of protection, google provide is on the next level. The privacy and security of Google’s workspace are industry best practices. For google company protecting data is the core of Google’s workspace. Over 6 million organizations across the globe trust google with their most valuable information.

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