google merchant center

Hi, friends I am sharing a new topic Google Merchant Center. Now the question arises whether it’s the same as Google Ads or different. I explain everything in this blog. Simple language Google Merchant is used for product ads two types of Google Merchant ads run one is paid other is free. You only pay ads charges if anyone clicks on your ads. Google Merchant is the most popular tool today like Google ads.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a digital marketing platform where you can store or sell your product online like a retail business. It also uses for uploading and manages Product listings in the Google inventory list. It is an eCommerce platform where you can sell or buy any product. With the help of GMC, you can explore thousands or millions of products in one place. When anyone searches for any product directly from google then Google show first Google shopping ads. If anyone buys those products they just need to simply click on the ads and buy products. Google shopping ads more popular day by day because they increase user experience and provides the best experience.

How to set up Google Merchant Center

Here I am discussing in detail how we can set up a Google merchant center account and run Google shopping ads.

  1. Sign up for a Google Merchant Center account with accurate business information like your business name, address, and phone number.
  2. Add product information like product description, size, and price.
  3. Fill in and check out the information on products.
  4. Verify phone number.

Your account is set up and it takes one day or 12 hours to activate your Google shopping ads. It is simple. Only one thing you remember: don’t fill in any false information. Otherwise, your ads are not approved.

Why Misrepresentation Error Occurs

If you enter invalid details of businesses or products, then GMC will either report a misrepresentation error or suspend your account. If anyone creates a GMC account and wants to run ads, they need to add the correct information in all the steps. Otherwise, it shows a misrepresentation error.

How to solve Misrepresentation error

You can solve misrepresentation errors by just sending a request to google or chatting with Google supports. Sometimes the error is not solved due to conflicts with the information or false information. So before signing up for an account need to verify the correct information. When you request Google support to solve a misrepresentation error take 7 business days to review your request. If you want to avoid these types of problems then enter the correct information starting.

If your account show a representation error then no need to create a new account if you create a new account then again shows the same message or is suspended permanently so if shows any error only fixed on the same account.

How is Google Merchant accounts different from Google Adwords accounts?

There are a lot of differences between the Google Merchant and Google Ads accounts.

  1. Google merchant is a platform where you can run only shopping ads. But in Google ads you can run different ads, like youtube skippable, non-skippable and search ads, display ads many more according to the requirements.
  2. Google merchant mostly uses product feeds. Google ads run both services and product ads.
  3. Google merchants are used for retail mostly but Google ads run for customers.

In the end, we can say Google Merchant is different from Google Ads. Today’s Google merchant is more popular.