Google One

What is Google One and its Subscription Plan?

Google oneis the plan that gives you more storage across Drive, Gmail, and photos. It is the plan that helps you to get more out of Google. From FLACs to photos, from home movies to homework documents, downloads that you name it. All of which I want to keep safe online. 

So, a while ago I decided to give my memories the backup they deserved and upgrade to a Google one plan. It gives us extra storage space. Indeed, along with the whole bunch of other benefits, we use it all the time and I wasn’t worried about losing data because thanks to Google it’s all stored safely and securely in the cloud. And this is one of my favorite things about Google one, The Storage. 

Also, Google one benefits give you 15 GB free with any Google account, and remember you can upload in high quality all of your photos and videos for free.

Google, one steps in with a bunch of different plans to suit your needs.

Membership starts at £ 1.59 for 100 GB and goes all way up to 30TB. 100GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, 20TB, 30 TB. This is great Because there is a plan for you as well as if you want you can upgrade to a larger plan at a later date. No matter which plans you go for. There you can invite five family members along with you and they get to share in your perks as well. So, everyone gets their own space and they can create their Google document for free they can upload their photos and videos in high quality and it’s all under one shared account.

Naturally, everyone uses mobile phones wherever they go as well as it contains a lot of important stuff which we don’t want to lose. Luckily having Google One Benefit can automatically backup all of my photos’ video contacts, and more from my android device to the cloud. So now even if my phone is lost or broken or stolen but my data isn’t. And of course, one of the added benefits of having more space on a Google one membership is the ability to upload all your photos and videos at their original quality. It’s Google you can get extra benefits you may not even know about. So, if you have any problem or question with a product or service you may put your queries to a Google expert who can help you out.

You can also find special pricing on hotels and up to 10% back in-store credit. They have even got limited-time offers like 3-month free YouTube premium and if you have got your family members on your account, they will get those same perks as well.

So how you will get started with Google one…..

Well, it’s Easy …

You just download the Google one app on your android phone and then sign in with your Google account and pick a plan that’s right for you. So, what’s you get with Google one… Access to experts expanded storage and great perks all in one sharable plan.

Benefits Of Google One

The Google one benefits you can get are:

The main feature of this is you can contact directly to Google if you have any doubts or queries you can call, you can chat, and you can even mail them to find the answers to your questions.

  • If you have any questions regarding Google one account, Gmail, drive, photos, or Google Play pixel you can contact them.
  • If you have any doubt related to Google Mobile maps, chrome, document downloads, or business you can contact them.
  • If you have any questions regarding Google products you can contact the government and can speak directly to Google customer support. This is the only place where you can talk directly to customer care and there, we will get a faster response. So, you just need to enter your name, and contact number and select the product about which you need to ask. Click on just call me and you will get a call within five minutes.

Is Google One Free?

Google one premium features are now free for everyone. Google one premium features have been made free for Android and iOS users. Google offers a paid subscription for cloud storage through its Google one service. The company has decided to make some premium features of Google one free for Android and iOS users. For Android smartphone users, the premium features of automatic phone backup can be used even without the premium membership of Google one. Google is offering 15 GB of storage space free of cost to the users to store videos, photos, contact and calendar events. iPhone users will get the new Google One app. Google is also introducing a storage manager for Google one.

This will also categorize the file according to the space requirements and so on this will also enable the user to bulk delete the files. The features of many storages of Google one will be available on the web. The automatic backup feature will soon be rolled out for Android users and a similar feature will also be rolled out for iOS users but the date has not yet been specified. Also, the features are only available for the consumer account. Google one is free for other countries but in India Google one subscriptions available at rupees 130 per month for 100 GB storage, 210 rupees for 200 GB per month, and 650 rupees per month for 2 TB storage. The users can also opt to pay for similar subscription plans on annual basis. We hope that this new feature will help you to store the data and manage your precious data.


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