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Blogs that help you to know the news and information regarding technology.

Technology is known to make human life easier by humans. Nowadays keeping ourselves up to date is not an easy task. Every day has something new for us. With each passing day, the world has something new to offer. You get up and discover new ways to do something more efficiently to save time.

Most of the things people use every day are technology. Technology doesn’t have to be complex or require electricity. But technology must meet human needs. The way people meet needs changes with time. Technology changes over time in response to people’s needs. In earlier days food was prepared at the fireplace so heavy pans were needed. Today people can use plastic dishes to cook in a microwave oven The need to prepare food hasn’t changed but the way people prepare has changed. 

As needs increase new technology changes faster. Latest technology Blogs can have positive and negative effects. Positive effects are ways that technology fills a need and negative effects are risks. This might include constant changes to technology or technologies’ negative impact on the environment. No matter what the technology there are both risks and benefits.

Same way every company has something new to offer every day to save time, effort, and money of course. Now imagine you don’t know what’s happening with the tech market and you still struggling with conventional methods to do the same work while the other person is up to date and knows how to do it easily rather than struggling. But here in this evolving world, we have Blogs that offer a wide range of content in detail with high relevance to keep you updated in every field.

What are Latest Technology Blogs?

An article having higher quality content that engages people of its interest on A Regular Website that makes you aware of the latest technology updates and news related to it.

Purpose Of A Technology Blog

  • Make it easy to understand and quickly learn the concept with little effort.
  • It has point-to-point information with higher relevance.
  • A Blog is written in a diary writing language which makes it easier to grasp the given information.
  • It increases the chances of engagement of your targeted audience. It boosts the traffic and sends leads to your website.

How it works: with the help of a Tech Blogger a person who writes the content with higher quality articles to engage the people to boost the business of their website.

How to make money from a tech blog: START TECH BLOGGING

How to do it-

  1. have a specific topic, Choose your niche
  2. Choose a blogging platform
  3. Decide a domain name, buy your domain name, and host 4. Install a theme for your tech blogging
  4. Create essential pages and logos.

You are good to go.

The Top Tech Blogs:
  • -Wired
  • -TechCrunch
  • -Recode
  • -Mashable
  • -CNET
  • -Apple Insider

The Top 5 Tech Blogs for news

Best Tech Blogs

1. Wired:

Founded by Louis Rossetti, and Jane Metcalfe in 1933.

Wired is one of the best tech blogs, a perfect tech blog to follow as it gives a real insight into the tech world. It has a wide range to offer topics like technology, entertainment, science, culture, politics, and social media.

The best-ranking tech blog. provides tech trends, gadget reviews, latest updates


It is founded by Michelle Arrington, and Keith Teare Started in the year 2005.

It publishes content on businesses related to tech.

It also analyzed the emerging trends in tech.

It offers knowledge regarding business tech. 

  • Recode

Founded by Kara Swisher in 2014

It is owned by Vox media.

Recode gives the independent technology news. Recode is focusing on the businesses of Silicon Valley.

By focusing on the business of Silicon Valley we are getting to know how our tech world is changing.

  • Mashable:

Founded By Pete Cashmore in 2005

It is a multiplatform media channel. It includes movies, travel, finance, and, of course, gadgets.

It provides information about everything who wants to know every single detail or news of what is happening in the world today

  • CNET

It is founded by Halsey Minor 

It started in the year 1994

It is the one best technology blogs to check out the reviews 

It follows the latest trends in consumer technology. It provides genuine reviews and pricing.

Some of the Indian tech bloggers you should know:

Harsh Agrawal – Shoutmeloud

Amit Agarwal – lanolin

Ashish Sinha – nextbigwhat

Ashiest Mukherjee – guiding tech

Srinivas Tamara – 9lessons

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