Top 5 Home Service App

Hi guys, today I am reviewing the top 5 Home Service apps in India. My reviews are based on apps that excel in customer service, ratings, and pocket friendliness.  Home Service apps are those apps which give you the options of ordering services like Pest Controls, Plumbers, Laundry, Ac Service or Mechanic.

    The best aspect of these apps is that they have active professionals who are known for their works. You can check their ratings and reviews before getting any service. They can’t charge you more cost for a service while your local service provider can charge you too much for same service. So there is transparency in every service and cost. You can also set the time as well as professional for a specific service which makes it all the more customer friendly.

So, let’s have a look at those apps that have made it to my list.

Top 5 Home Service apps of India

1. Zimmber


Zimmber was founded by Amit Kumar, Gaurav Shrivastava and Anubhab Goel, in October 2014. Zimmber provides home services like AC servicing, home spa, pest control, electrical repair services, carpentry services, laundry, plumbing, driver on demand and painting services in major cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai,  and Gurgaon.

  Zimmber has changed the way people look at household chores. Zimmber makes life easier with their fast service which is very reliable and you can hire professional in any field within few minutes. All you need to do is order a service from Zimmber app. It is the ideal answer to any kind of domestic issue. You can check background of Zimmber professionals and you can set your preferred time for your home services. The prices are transparent and highly competitive and you will always get professional home care services at the best price.

So guys, don’t wash, sweep or swap! Just Zimmber.

2. UrbanPro


  It was founded  by Rakesh Kalra in 2012. Now they have over three lakh active professionals, five lakh consumers and over a million visits a month.

UrbanPro aims at connecting consumers with professionals for various services. Recently UrbanPro has raised $2 million from Nirvana Ventures.

UrbanPro have services in Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, covering all the major cities of India. 

3. UrbanClap


   UrbanClap was started by by  Raghav Chandra, Varun Khaitan and Abhiraj Bhal in October 2014. UrbanClap, a place where you can avail services like beauty services, house cleaning to interior designing and wedding photography too.  UrbanClap have a presence in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai with 10,000 active working professionals with all major services.

A recent news shows that the transactions of this platform is crossing $10 million dollar mark which is a huge turnover for a startup. They achieve this figure within 6 months of their mobile app launch and becomes one of the fastest growing companies in India.

  Due to their growth in recent months, the company is able to get more investors from their existing investors which are SAW Partners and Accel India.

4. as it suggests it’s near you. It was founded in July 2014 by  Lomesh Dutta, Sunil Goyal and Akshay Khanna. Near. In is an app that lets you search for local home services. With their easy to use interface, it helps you to connect with service providers and working professionals.

This company was first launched in Gurgaon in December 2014. They provide all basic home services like Health and Wellness, Home Needs,  Events and Skills with more than 100+ services. They don’t have huge investment, but now they are able to get Rs 1.8 Cr from some investors like Anupam Mittal and Manish Vij. 

5. Housejoy

Housejoy was founded by Arjun Kumar and Suni Goel in 2015. This is a Bangalore based startup and they have raised $4 million in Series A funding From Matrix Partners. It is growing at 30-40 per cent on a weekly basis and become one of the fastest growing startup in India. Recently a news was there that, this company crosses 4000 orders in a day. Now this company is working with 2000+ service providers in 9 major cities so India. The margin of this company is from 10% to 25%, depending on the type of service which is very great to attract more professionals.