Top 4 Car Faux Pas

When it comes to driving, social faux pas’ are everywhere – like minefields waiting to go off at the first sign of bad behaviour. You might feel like you’re invincible in a car, but you’re not. We’re still watching, still judging every mistimed move you make and wondering aloud how the DVLA ever let you have a licence in the first place. So when you’re cruising round the ring roads in Preston or Winsford with your windows rolled down and Lil Wayne pouring from the stereo, remember – you probably look like a bit of a plonker.

 In surveys conducted by AutoCar and the AA, these four car faux pas came up time and time again as the most hated among British drivers and pedestrians. If you recognise yourself in this list – well, you might want to rethink your driving habits.


 Tailgating is officially the most loathed of all bad driving habits. It’s dangerous, it’s stupid and it’s very, very annoying. Other drivers driving inappropriately close to the car in front of them is considered to be the most annoying driving habit by British motor insurance policyholders, says the Daily Mail. It causes more incidents of serious road rage than any other car faux pas. Tailgaters, is that six inches of road really worth an accident? Being another 2 seconds behind the car in front of you won’t make you any later than you already are. Sit back, take a deep breath and come to terms with the fact that your boss might be giving you a bit of earache this morning. Maybe tomorrow you won’t stop off for that extra honey covered bagel on your way to work.


Every driver is guilty of this one – nudging a slow-moving pedestrian on a zebra crossing. Yes, it can be annoying when a very elderly lady or gentleman steps out into the road and takes two thousand light years to get to the other side, but what would you think if you were that lady or gentleman and a big, bully driver tried to herd you across like a cow? You’d be appalled at the manners of these young ‘uns. Nudging whilst driving is just a really unpleasant thing to do and it isn’t necessary either. It’s like tailgating – are you such an important and busy person that you can’t afford to lose 3 seconds? Where are you headed again? McDonalds? I guess that is more important than letting those children cross the road safely.

Driving Too Slowly

If there’s one thing that British drivers despise more than life itself, it’s people who drive too slow. They’ve got a point – refusing to adhere to the legal speed limits causes just as many accidents as driving too fast, says Ask Men expert Justin Kaehler. Hundreds of scientists, civil engineers and automotive experts have done hundreds of tests to ensure that the speed limit for a particular road is safe. You put yourself and others in danger if you insist on ignoring this speed limit.

By all means, don’t tear down roads like a bat out of hell but don’t crawl along them at tractor speed either – not if the speed limit forbids it. You can get a fine for driving too slowly. It does happen. You’re going to have to come up with a good lie when your husband or wife asks you why you were pulled over – or are you going to sheepishly admit that it was for driving like a geriatric who’s forgotten his Zimmer frame?

Loud Music

Playing ‘It Snows In Hell’ by Lordi on a hot summer day isn’t necessarily a bad thing – playing ‘It Snows In Hell’ by Lordi at a volume loud enough to make the empty chair beside you bleed, whilst you’re sitting idly at a set of traffic lights isn’t so cool. Everybody likes to enjoy a bit of music in their car, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody else wants to listen to it, says car coach Lauren Fix. 99% of drivers and pedestrians agree that playing your music loud in order to impress, intimidate or catch the eye of that pretty blonde across the street, makes you an idiot. If you’re sitting at a stop light or in a traffic jam – turn it down. You can crank the volume as soon as you’re out on the open road and there’s nobody around to hear you listen to that Elton John compilation you bought at the supermarket.



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