When I start writing this post I found that a lot of people are searching about the best way to make money with a website and without website. Then I checked the websites appearing in Google and found that only few of the methods listed for earning money are working and some of them are duplicate. So I decided to list only top earning methods that actually works. You can make money from a website without selling anything. There are also some ways to make money off a website. Now earn money with working ways and not outdated methods of earning. Now get paid to advertise on your site. Here I provide detailed information about the domain of earning so that it makes easier to understand and also easier to figure which one is perfect for you. If you want to know pros and cons of earning online then I will recommend you to read this article thoroughly. I did a lot of research and hard work to write this post and that’s why I want feedback from you, please comment below and let me know how much you like this post.

I hope I will solve your query of earning online and you will find perfect ad network for you. Let’s enjoy reading this article. 

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1. PPC / CPC Advertising Networks

When it comes to PPC AD networks, Google Adsense directly comes to our mind. This is because Google Adsense is the best PPC ad network in the world. PPC means pay per click , it means you will earn money for every valid click on your website’s ads. The earnings for this program totally depends on website’s traffic and it’s site structure. More traffic will increase more ad clicks and good quality articles with good keyword placement will increase cost per click( CPC). Cost per click also depends on the niche you have, it means if you have high paying niche like financial, Web hosting, cars and automobiles then you will earn more. On the other hand sites like music, games, will give you less cost per clicks.

The source of traffic you are getting can also impact on your earnings. Peoples don’t like to click on ads when they are here to get information. Also for sites like mine who have visitors related to websites/Blogs can have low Click thorough rates (CTR).

The last thing is getting a Adsense account is not a easy task. You need to fulfill many requirements. 

You should check out the requirements for Adsense approval. If your account will not approve then you can apply to other ad networks listed below.

  1. Infolinks.
  2. Media.net (now manages both the Yahoo and Bing ad Networks)
  3. Vibrant Media
  4. GumGum
  5. Kontera
  6. Clicksor.com
  7. Chitika

2. Cost Per Mile Advertising ( CPM )

  Cost per mile tells that how much money you will earn for 1000 impressions. This type of ad networks are good because you will earn money only for displaying ads on your site. Also you will not loose your visitors because no one will click on your ad. CPM networks are good for those who have huge monthly page views. So if anybody have 200000 monthly visitors and then CPM for ad is 1$ then you will earn 200$ per month. Please note impressions means unique page views and 1$ CPM can be more or less depending on your niche.

The most demanding CPM ad networks are

  1. Casale Media
  2. Advertising.com
  3. Tribal Fusion
  4. Technorati Media
  5. Right Media
  6. Burst Media
  7. CPX Interactive
  8. Value Click

3. Text Link Ads or Intext ads

In this type of advertisement you are allowed to put ads in between your articles. For example, if you are writing an article about latest smartphone then you can place ads about latest mobiles. The earning for this type of ads are good because it’s hard to find that they are ads or a internal link of the site. You can see example of  XDA developer’s forum for text based ads.

The popular In-text ad providers are

  1. Text-Link-Ads
  2. LinkWorth
  3. Text-Link-Brokers
  4. DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
  5. TNX

4. Sponsored posts & articles

You know that this is the easiest way of earning money from blog ?  Get paid for what you love writing. Get paid for articles as well as get traffic to that article. These are due to sponsored posts. Some big brands or companies gives you money for writing about their products or services. Sponsored posts are also known as paid reviews. The earning is quite good as you can charge 100$ for a 500 words article or more depending upon use customer. If you don’t want to earn money from ads then start writing paid articles and earn money without ads.

Although it is hard to find sponsored posts directly but it is easy to find one for you from website’s like blogmint.com , blogadda and indibloggers.

List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:

  1. indibloggers
  2. Sponsored Reviews
  3. Blogmint.com
  4. ReviewMe
  5. PayPerPost
  6. Blogadda.com
  7. Smorty
  8. BlogVertise

4. Direct Banner Advertising/direct ads

You can earn more with direct adverts. In platforms like Google Adsense , Clicksor.com you have to pay 32%  of your money to them for providing ads. Now you can earn 32% more by directly getting ads from the brands. You will have your own ad formats ,  your own rules ,  your own prices and your own brands. The most popular banner formats on the web are the120×600 skyscraper, 728×90

leaderboard,  the 300×250 rectangle ,  the 300×600 large skyscraper and the 125×125 button. Again a problem exists here which is how to find Advertisers for Your Website or Finding Advertisers for Your Blog. Now we have 2 websites that will do the work for you . Now charge as much as you can for your ad spaces. The recommended banner price can vary from 100$ per month to 5000$ per month. So set the price according to the traffic and niche you have.

Recommended direct ad providers are.

1.BuySellAds – The most popular one.

2. AdvertiseSpace – I found it on other websites.

5. Sell your own digital product (common  example ebook)

Another simple way of earning descent money without the interfere of the middle man. Here only you and your client will present and you will get paid directly without long wait. Now sell your digital products directly from your websites without paying fees to the middle man. You can sell your ebooks or you can sell your video tutorials or simply your articles. Isn’t the easiest and efficient way of earning money ? However it takes a long time to develop quality products but if your products have bad quality you will not sell a single product online.

For payments you can setup PayPal buttons for easier payments.

6. Donation

If you tried all the ways and not earning money and you don’t want loose your money then you can earn good sum of money from donations. Over Internet there are many people which donates money for quality sites or to those who solve specific problems through their articles. You can ask your visitors for donations as you did hard work for writing articles and you have to pay your domain and Web hosting charges.

So before asking for donations you need to tell your visitors that why you want donation then setup proper donation button widget from PayPal.

7. Premium Content

Some of blogs and websites are giving free tutorials while there are various blogs who charge for their contents. You know a popular site ahrefs.com then you know they are famous for their site explorer. What ahrefs did is they show 6 backlinks for free and rest are available for only paid members. In this way ahrefs.com makes millions of dollars from their clients. Another example is of moz.com a popular blog and community for learning seo.  They have both free as well as paid contents and their visitors are allowed to get excess of contents via paid membership.

So it’s better if you setup some paid contents on your Website but please keep in mind that you need a large audience to be successful in this business.

10. Sell Your Site

If your site have gone following and you have good monthly visitors plus you have a good looking website then you can 100 times more by selling your website directly.

People sometimes purchases new websites and convert them into bigger brands and sell them in huge rates. Also if you have a good domain name you can also earn money from your domain name. 

So how to sell your website ?  We have sites like flippa that will find best buyer for your site. Just head over to it and see the best price for you.

11. Affiliate Marketing

  This is one of the method which doesn’t need a website for earning money. And this is the only method which gives 10 times higher revenue then ads. An affiliate is one who sells the products for a company and after sales he gets the commission for that product. There are two type of programs present in affiliate companies which is CPA and CPL. CPA is cost per action which means any valid action for the ad program and  CPL is cost per lead which is a sale of the product. The best examples of CPA programs are surveys where you get money for filling surveys. And for CPL it contains anything which leads to online purchase i.e any type of product you sell for example sell web hosting and get upto 50% as commission. Web hosting affiliate products are high paying because cost for Web hosting is high and people generally purchase hosting for at least 3 years. So if 3 year hosting cost 150$ then you will get 75$ in your account. The example of web hosting affiliate are godaddy and bluehost , where bluehost gives 65$ for every hosting space you sell.

List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:

  1. Azoogle Ads
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Link Share
  4. ClickBank
  5. Bluehost( direct affiliate)
  6. BigRock( direct affiliate)
  7. Hostgator( direct affiliate)
12. Advertising/ monetizing Widgets

This is the new method of monetizing your blog or website. A number of people are using advertising widgets to increase their revenue. These widgets are designed so that they can be easily placed on every blog/ website and they offer PPC , affiliate programs and text ads. Isn’t it easier to put a widget on your blog and earn money for 3 different programs from a single widget.

List of companies that provide monetization widgets:

  1. ScratchBack
  2. WidgetBucks
  3. SmartLinks
13. Private Forums/ public forums

There are two type of forums one is private and other is free. Free forums are those where people interact with other members. You will find many free forums like quora where Peoples usually ask questions which belong to any type of field. The other type of forum which is private can cost you money for using it on monthly basis. This type of forums are organized by some Peoples having specific knowledge about a topic. Example are moz.com pro community where you can excess private articles . Another example is SEO Blackhat which charges 100$ monthly from its members. But if you want to charge this amount from your members then you need to provide some real value so that they will pay you happily. You can also run a free forum like quora and then you can earn money from ads on your site. If you want to establish free forum then try some free forum softwares.

List of popular forum software:

  1. vBulletin
  2. Vanilla
  3. Simple Machines Forum
  4. phpBB
14. Classifieds sites

These sites are popular nowadays and popularity of these sites are increasing gradually. Classifieds sites are known for ad listing and these sites are great source of dofollow backlinks. Classifieds sites gives you ability to post your ads as free as well as paid ones. If you want high traffic + dofollow backlinks then you should purchase paid listing. This is how classifieds sites earn money. So if you want to earn money then try to start a classified site. Sites like quikr.com and olx are earning huge from paid listing of ads. 

15. Start consultancy services

  Teach or consult others in your field of expertise. You can charge a minimum of 100$ easily for 1 hour of consultation. To start consultancy just create a new page in your site and put all the details about your experiences and what charges you will charge for your consultancy.