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Top 10 Public Health Problems

The term health problems mean there’s a change in a person’s health and the lifestyle of a person. It increases the risk of disease as well as people have a change in their behavior, and nature also. People are in that stage where they may or may not be able to function normally. There are many health problems. Some are common and some are big problems. People feel sick at any time if they eat unhygienic food or some not clean areas.

Common Health Problems

The ten most common health problems are 

  • Physical Activity Nomination
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Tobacco
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental health
  • Injury and violence
  • Environment quality
  • Immunization
  • Access to health care

Now we will discuss some common health problems.

  • Overweight and obesity: People who are overweight or obese have increased their chances of dying from hypertension. It’s a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that it may not have a good impact on health. Obesity is a chronic medical condition that increases your risk of disease and health problems particularly certain types of cancer, type to diabetes, irregular periods, etc. It can also affect your quality of life and lead to psychological problems such as depression, shame, guilt, etc.

  • Tobacco- Cigarettes aren’t good for us. That’s hardly news we have known about the dangers of smoking for decades. But how exactly do Cigarettes harm us? It damages gums and tooth enamel. Smoke also damages nerve endings in the nose and causes loss of smell. In the airways, smoke increases the likelihood of infection as well as chronic diseases.

  • Substance Abuse– The most common psychiatric disorder is substance-abuse now with the new wage. Many substances are coming. Alcohol has been communist; tobacco has also been the communist but newer substances like stimulants like papers also keep reading about the substance called MCA. I think that talking about risk factors for drug abuse can be difficult just because there are so many different factors that feed into it. And also, I don’t want to put too much emphasis on any one cause. Some risk factors for substance abuse so things that seem to concentrate on substance abuse later in life. And we are going to talk about biological risk factors, psychological risk factors, and environmental risk factors.

  • HIV/AIDS – HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus that targets cells in the immune system. The immune system begins to jail which is called immunodeficiency and this increases the risk of infections and humor that a healthy immune system would usually be able to end off.

Their complications are referred to as AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Mental health– We all have mental health it is just as important as physical health it is not only about mental illness or mental disorders this is just one part of a bigger picture. It’s best to think about mental health as being on a continuum rather than people being either mentally ill or mentally well, we are all on the continuum and we move up and down according to factors such as our genetic makeup and upbringing in our life.

  • Access to health care- What if your drive to a doctor was over 2 hours and the weight was half as long would make an appointment. Suppose you were diagnosed with a chronic condition but couldn’t understand the directions on your prescribed medication. There are some challenges surrounding access to health care. Access to

health care refers to that with ease that people get the health services they need. When they need it, it’s associated with multiple, social, economic, and environmental circumstances including gender income education, geography, and cultural factors. Timely and affordable health care access impacts physical, social, and cultural health. And while increasing access is a complex challenge, we know that patient outcomes and life expectancy. So, we should be conscious of our health and from time to time should consult a doctor so that we won’t face any health issues and due to limited time, we would come to know about our health problems. So these are the common health problems.


After the pandemic, people are more worried about their health, and they started taking care of their food and cleanness. The global vision has brought improved travel and trade. Also Increased interdependency among all the countries. The countries also promote proactivity and economic growth in other countries likes

  • Achieving global health security
  • And maintain a sustained response to the continuous threats of commercial diseases like AIDS/ HIV, TB, etc
  • Improving the lives of women and children
  • Preventing cancer


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