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The Biden Factor: How Joe Biden’s Supportive attitude Can Help You Make Your Case

Joe Biden is a political populist who believes in bringing common-sense solutions to the table. In his first four years in office, he has led the way on progressive goals with his service as a senator from Delaware and as vice president. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) have been major advocates of single payer health care since the end of their presidential campaigns. They’ve also called for an end to the war on drugs and akasan, or “public housing” as they like to call it. The Biden factor can help you leverage your policy expertise, even if you’re not connected to politics. Here are several recommendations for how Joe Biden might be able to help:

Joe Biden Supports A Major Labor Plan

In his first term, as a member of the United States Senate, Joe Biden supported the enactment of the National Labor Relations Act, outlawing workplace discrimination based on race or national origin. This legislation was a key catalyst for the growth of organized labor and the vanguard of the modern working class. The historical significance of this legislation cannot be overstated, as it secured the future of the working class and laid the groundwork for a future socialist movement. Joe also supported a major labor initiative that would have allowed rural workers to unionize and form their own labor unions. The AFL-CIO has also been a major force behind progressive social justice causes, so it makes sense that Biden would have a strong support for the movement.

Joe Biden Supports A Tax Cuts for Everyone

In his first term as a senator, Joe Biden led the charge against the war on drugs, voting against the Gang of Eight plan to replace the 1970s-era Sentencing Guidelines with a new system of racial profiling. The new guidelines were initially intended to reduce the number of crimes committed by blacks and others who might otherwise be arrested and charged with drug crimes. However, the polls showed that the new guidelines were not popular with the general population, so they were extended to include whites and other minorities as well. Furthermore, campaign contributions from the drug trade were a major factor in choosing the new guidelines.

Joe Biden Supports A Tax Cuts for Everyone

During his second term as a senator, Joe Biden led the charge against the rising levels of corporate income taxes, voting against the Alcotech plan to drastically increase the tax on the top incomes. The plan would have raised the income tax rate on upper-income Americans from 15 to 36 percent and shaved $2,000 from the income of every American family. The plan also raised the corporate income tax rate from 21 to 35 percent and required public records about shell companies and their owners.

Joe Biden Supports Gay Marriage

In his first term as a senator, Biden helped to pass the Glass-Steagall Act, which established the original boundaries between home and work. This legislation also established the right to marry for people of any race or gender and provided federal funds for the construction of a state-of-the-art gay-friendly courthouse in New York City.

Joe Biden Supports The Fight Against Climate Change

In his first term as a senator, Biden helped to pass the Global Warming Solutions Act, which led to the removal of the Global Climate Change Portfolio from the National Security Council and the Environmental Protection Agency. The legislation also established the United States’ position as a leading global leader in combating climate change by funding four energy-efficient homes and companies.


You can’t just attack someone without a plan of your own. Sometimes, you have to work with people you don’t like and work with the opposition you don’t like either. Joe Biden has been a major voice in the progressive movement for decades and has been a major catalyst for the development of the working class. Now is the time to make an impact in the Senate and in the political process. The more people who are aware of and support the ideas of Social Justice Warrior Biden, the more likely it will be for other members of the progressive movement to follow suit.

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