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Keywords are the main element in Search Engine Optimizations [SEO] process to appear your site in search engine. Choosing the right keywords for your website optimization is very important for successful SEO campaign. If you fail to choose right keywords then it creates problems in your search engine optimization process. It means you are wasting your time and money in SEO.

Choosing a right keyword in SEO is an art. For that you need to do careful analysis of what online population is searching for, what type of keywords used by your competitors and above all. You can also get some help of Google and Twitter to know about what is trending in world.

Let’s understand SEO Keywords selecting process by the following example:-

“If you have the website or blog about cats, then do not try to optimize keywords like ‘CAT’ or ‘CATS’, instead of that you can try to optimize keywords like ‘small cat breads’, ‘cat foods’, ‘cat food recipes’, ‘cat training center’ etc. These keywords help you to better understanding about how to select Search Optimization Keywords.”

Let’s see the following points to get better help for selecting SEO keywords:-

Take help of Keyword tools: – Selecting right and proper Keyword for website is necessary. For that can take a help of Google’s adwords keyword tool. This tool may help you to determine the better keywords according to your site. This tool consist keywords competitions, global and local monthly searches of keywords etc. Here you can select your keyword as per competitions you want.

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

Determine Your Keywords: – Determine your Keyword before inserting into website. Its means you have to choose keywords which describe your website in few words. In the determination process first thing you need to do is to come up with a keyword that describes the content of your website. For example – a dog information site can use the following keywords to better optimization “Small Dog breeds”, “Dog foods recipes”, “dog obedience training” etc.

Keywords in Page Titles: – Page title is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords in page titles are also takes main place because the content shown intag <span class=”hiddenGrammarError” pre=”tag “>must shown</span> most in search engine. Some time an empty <title> tag shows untitled document on heading this may creates problem in SEO, therefore never keep your <title> tag empty instead, it is better to write page title in <title> tag .

Keywords in Heading: – Usually heading is the main element of the articles. Heading must describe your post in short. Sometime heading may helps to separate the paragraph in to different subtopic. From the SEO point of view it has better to have many heading on the same page as possible, especially if they have keyword inserted in them.

We found these points important while selecting keywords for website while SEO optimization process.

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