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PUBG CORPORATION is the company of blue hole Inc. Which is responsible for the development of player Unknown Battlegrounds. First, it was known as a blue hole in March 2015, and later it was named PUBG CORPORATION in September and the year 2017, as this one started to follow the success of the game. The most played game in India was PUBG but two or three years ago, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile. 

The CEO of PUBG CORPORATION is Changhua Kim, the chief executive. The founder of PUBG CORPORATION is Chang Byung –GYU. The parent organization is KRAFTON INC.  The headquarter is in Korea. PUBG 

CORPORATION has many other operational offices in North America Europe, Japan and China. The PUBG CORPORATION studio is on the west side of SEO, South Korea (headquarter), Tokyo, Japan. It is on the east side of Sao Paulo Brazil, Madison WI, USA, Santa Monica CA the USA, and San Ramon CA the USA. The studio is also in Europe. Amsterdam Netherlands Antilles New Caledonia and here are the special projects of PUBG. 

PUBG: Free To Play

It’s been nearly five whole years since the pioneering player Unknown Battlegrounds first appeared in March of 2017 and introduced us to the idea of putting 100 players against each other in a struggle for clear life until oy the best or last among them survives since then the original battle Royale has been locked in a battle for relevance against the many games that it inspired and only now has it dropped its entry fee and joined the rows of free to play competition.

PUBG hasn’t lost its touch but its novelty has worn off and, in some ways, it’s left wanting in comparison to newer and more effective and innovative battle Royale games. In its favor or survival after parachuting into a pub’s relatively realistic open world requires you to be much stealthier and more deliberately tactical than you would in say the run and gun style of a fortnight.

For example, if you might wait for a passing aircraft to drown out your footsteps so you can enter a household undented to distract a squad of every player that is pinning you down from a nearby ridge, firefights are to use even though the wide selection of guns tend to be clunky to shoot even after you have nodded them with scopes and extended magazines, this is because the weapons in PUBG lack the gun fell that makes modern shooters like call of duty or apex legend are so enjoyable to play. They are tolerable to handle in third person mode but accurately unless you switch to the first-person mode or aim down the sights since movement is designed around the third person. 

Now we will get to know about what PUBG: BATTLEGROUND is

Player unknowns Battlegrounds or PUBG in short at its core a Battle Royale game. Battle Royale typically means 100 players leap from a plane and parachute to different locations on a large-scale map. The objective is simple, you should be the last player (or squad) standing by any means if necessary. How you survive and how you choose to play is up to you. All players begin the game with nothing to defend themselves. You must search buildings and nearby areas for weapons, arvoes, and healing items.

This is referred to as “looting “and s typically the very first thing you do after landing. At the start of every watch, loot is randomly distributed around the map. It’s your choice to parachute into a wounded and dangerous location with large quantities of loot or land somewhere quiet with lower quantities of loot.  

Then focus on short-range encounters. If you found a rifle and an 8x scope?

In PUBG Battlegrounds once you come inside this circle then the game will continue as normal. The area which is outside the circle is called the blue zone. If you are caught inside the blue zone, then your health will slowly and steadily drain until you have no more left. The play area where the players play will continue to reduce in size in phases. This encourages you to keep moving and it also makes it difficult to stay hidden for too long. As well as there is a lot more to PUBG than easily staying within the play area. The environment around you should be essential whether that be hiding inside a building, using trees to cover yourself, or finding a hilltop to snipe unsuspecting foes. It’s all fair game.

The sounds you make throughout the watch will play a large role in your survival. If another door is closed your presence will be obvious but making loud noises can’t always be avoided. Vehicles are randomly scattered in every place on the map. You can find 4X4 off-road vehicles, you can also find various water vehicles like boats and jet skis scattered around the edge of the islands. In the Battle Royale, being the last player standing is the ultimate goal.

You may not win at first but if you can quickly loot an area master your favorite weapon and survive in the top 10 you will land that #1 spot in no time


PUBG Battleground is one of the best mobile games ever in all nations; we know the passion for this game among young people, and firms have begun to invest in E-Games, which is a promising sign that the next generation will pursue a career in E-Games.

But we also know that playing games continuously will affect you like your eyes and brain. Playing games is good it will improve you but don’t overplay.

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