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Keyword Optimization – For Good, Better or the Best?

Economics states that all commercial or economic activity aims at Optimum Utilization of Resources, as the resources available are scarce in nature.

A similar approach in SEO can work wonders, especially while optimizing the keywords. Consider Keywords as Precious Resources. Their usage should be optimum so that efforts to research them do not go in vain.

Basically, keyword optimization is the method used for ranking on the higher most pages of the search engine result pages (SERPs) using correct keywords or key phrases that the browser uses while searching online.

It is the primary step towards allowing the search engine bots or spiders to crawl your site, read and then show the results on its pages. The thumb rule is that the text should be simple and readable to the bots.

Keyword Optimization — For Good, Better or the Best?

Keywords Kinds –

Keywords can be long, medium or short tail. Long tails are the ones that are like phrases. In fact they are known as key phrases in SEO jargon. The medium tails consist of three to four words, while the short tails are precise with one or two words at the max.

SEO experts believe that in most cases keyword optimization is possible by using medium tail key words as short keywords might show broad categorization while long tail keywords might not show results at all. SEO’s who know their market in and out use these kinds of keywords to garner the creamy layer in the market.

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Another distinction, according to some SEO’s can be made by categorizing keywords as Consumer Defined, Market Defined, Product Defined, Geo Targeted or Related Vertical keywords.

The consumer defined keywords are specifically targeted towards the potential consumer of the goods/services that you offer online. It is believed that consumer defined keywords allow the consumers to search for better products/services based on previous customers and testimonials available on the internet.

Market defined keywords are the most commonly used words or phrases during search. Such keywords are the first to come to one’s mind. Generally new SEO companies target these keywords.

When browsers search for specific products or services, they key in particular words in their search parameters. These are the product defined keywords as they describe the product they are searching for.

Keyword Optimization — For Good, Better or the Best?

If a business is geographically defined and targets the local populace, geo targeted keywords come into the picture. These keywords are used for consolidating the local business.

The most creative and innovative keywords are the related vertical keywords. They are used to target a niche audience and are typically used for linking with the ancillary products or services. Related vertical keywords allow for experimentation while using Link Building.

Methods For Optimizing Keywords –

Keywords are what nectar is to bees. Keywords attract quality traffic when used within context. They can be used in the anchor text, within the copy (article/blog), headlines, subtitle, meta tags, meta description, alt tags (images), above the site logo and even within the URL. However before using keywords, pause and think where they fit in.

By randomly placing keywords, you are just inviting a penalty or ban from the search engines. The random placing of keywords is called keyword stuffing. SEO experts opine that the best figure to aim for is two relevant keywords.

SEO’s can begin by targeting the primary and secondary keywords within different pages of the website. Keep the keywords different for each page as a single keyword for different pages will not attract many links.

If you are sure of your niche, then target long tail keywords/key phrases. Search for related keywords within your niche using various free and/or paid keyword searching tools.

Now aim for a copy (article/blog) that is very good conceptually, is written well and is informative at the same time. Use keywords/key phrases only where they are required. The copy should hold relevance for the audience. A quality copy always garners quality traffic and the chances of conversion are better.

You can either hire or offer guest blog posts for the website to maintain a balance between in-house info and news worthy info. A clean website regularly updated with latest happenings in the industry leads to it ranking as the best and authentic site.

Aim For The Best –

As they say, many people put in good efforts. The only best are those who believe and direct their efforts towards doing even better than the best!

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