How to Write Better Posts Every Time You Sit Down To Write One

It may seem that writing a blog post is very easy once you decide an interesting topic for the same. Moreover, you may directly start writing on that topic with a little bit of analysis on what to write and how to write. However, despite this vital analysis and choosing a hot topic, you may have experienced a dull response in the form of just one or two comments or your new post may just have sunk with no response at all. So, you may have wondered as to why this happened, right? Well, the main reason for this is that you did only half of the analysis by focusing on content. So, the best way to avoid this is to perform full analysis by asking some more major questions to yourself. Once you do this,you will be able to write each post with an improved touch so that it never fails in attracting better response. Therefore, it is better to inculcate the habit of seeking answers to these questions from yourself for every post you write.

Questions to Ask before Deciding the Content of the Post:

  • Should I Target a Specific Audience Segment: A blog post can either be written for general public or for specific target audience. For example, writing on skin care products for all skin types caters to general public but writing for skin care products for oily skin will be useful only for people with that type of skin. So, you will need to decide and choose the topic accordingly instead of only focusing on how hot or debateful the topic is!
  • Is There Only One Topic: One of the critical essentials of a blog post is to keep it focused only one topic. It is totally fine to make sub-headings or bullets, but all of them need to convey a single, big picture. For example, skin care products for oily skin can be split into five products such as hand cream, facial moisturizer, facial mask, and so on.
  • Is This What My Readers Want: One of the biggest mistakes a blogger does is to write just what comes in mind without thinking whether this matter is what my readers want.Readers usually love to read tutorials, how-tos, reviews, personal experience, pros and cons, tips, or ideas. Therefore, you need to focus on writing about these topics. In case of promoting a product, you can provide them with links to the sales page or asking them some intriguing questions.

Questions to Ask after Writing the Post:

  • Is this Post Attention-Grabbing: Your entire post, right from title until the conclusion, must be interesting. More importance is giving to the title because many visitors come to know about your post via a social network.
  • Will the Readers Able to Read and Understand the Post Nicely: For a positive reply to this, your post needs to look striking on the screen. This means including eye-catching subheadings, bullet points, simple language, bold key points, and some quotes to trigger those most desirable aesthetic and emotional bonds.
  • Will this Post Trigger a Reaction in Readers:Your post should be such that the reader must feel like commenting or sharing it after reading it completely. Otherwise, it is going to be difficult to make your blog successful. You can also encourage them to react by ending with an action line such as “Click here to grab some freebies.”
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