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Whether you are watching TV or reading a magazine or browsing the internet or playing games on your smartphone, you will find it almost impossible to avoid anything that’s developed with Adobe software. Indeed, its Adobe tools that literally set the standards of digital media.

Getting Started with Adobe Creative Cloud for Web Designing

Right from the day of Photoshop’s release to this day, it’s Adobe that’s dominating the media creation market. And now, Adobe has come up with Creative Cloud, the most ambitious offer for every individual interested in designing. Adobe Creative Suite 6 is the latest and biggest collection of workflow apps, media design and production, targeting the most creative amateurs as well as professionals.

What Is Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud is the first subscription-based offering by Adobe that allows the members to access the Adobe’s powerful applications available. In other words, with Creative Cloud, the users can use the vast library of tools available on Adobe’s software for a subscription fee.

Well, if you are someone like me, you would think it to be totally pointless. It’s because, you get access to the software library, even if you get Master Suite 6. And when it comes to cost, a Master Collection CS6 license will be valid forever, while for Creative Cloud, you would require a few dollars on a regular basis. And obviously, you will feel Master Collection to be the best option. But, that’s wrong.

Trust me, Creative Cloud is far better! It’s just a simple math that you need to understand. The Master Collection CS6 bundle costs around $2,599, while Creative Cloud subscription is going to cost less than $50 a month.

Theoretically, upgrading your Master Suite CS6 to Master Collection CS7 will cost you at least a minimum of $525 extra, that’s nearly $3,124. With this same $3,124, you can subscribe to Creative Cloud access for over 5 years. However, with Creative Cloud you get to access the up-to-date software, which is just impossible in Master Suite.

Now, is the math clear? So, it’s better to get started with Creative Cloud, Right?

Getting Started With Adobe Creative Cloud:

Getting Started with Adobe Creative Cloud for Web Designing

With Creative Cloud, you can do everything you want, like create iPad apps without writing codes, design your websites and host it, edit videos as you please, and so on… What’s more interesting is that with the cloud storage, you can even sync to any device and have your files wherever you need them. Here’s what you get from subscribing to Creative Cloud:

The World’s Best Tools:

With Creative Cloud, get every Adobe tool available, always up-to-date. You not only get access to the applications and tools that you rely on every day, but also the latest applications like the Edge Tools and Services, Adobe Muse. You can browse though the library of video tutorials to get started with any tool you like.

You can create anything with the world’s best tools from CS6, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6, Photoshop Lightroom 4, Digital Publishing Suite, Dreamweaver CS6, and so on…, available with your membership.

Design Websites:

It’s time for you to focus on your design and not the technology. With Creative Cloud, you can combine graphics, images and beautiful texts as you please and most important – ‘No Codes!’ It’s now possible to create compelling interactivity with light boxes, slideshows, contact forms and much more like maps and feeds from Facebook.

You can even design mobile and tablet versions of your website and have full control of the style, interactivity and content for each device. And finally, you can have your website entering the World Wide Web with Adobe hosting.

Cloud Storage:

Isn’t it good to have your files wherever you need them? With creative Cloud, you can now easily sync, store and access your files even on your smartphones. So now, you can share your files with your friends and teammates and make it easy to work as a group. Whether at work or at home or on the go, let your creativity flow, whenever inspiration strikes with Creative Cloud.

You get 20GB of cloud storage to store your files and you can view them from Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and other applications. And when it comes to working as a team, Creative Cloud for teams provides you and your group with 100GB of storage space.

That’s not all, there are much more things you can do with Creative Cloud like creating engaging apps. To make it simple Creative Cloud is just going to be a boon for web designers. When even the amateurs can create wonders with Creative Cloud, why not the professionals? So, with all this, we can just expect great creations to come up in future.

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