Today we are giving you some tricks and tactics to get 1000 of daily visitors for your new blog .I know you are struggling a lot to get visitors but still you are unsuccessful, and this situation is very frustrating situation. But don’t worry i am writing this post to help you out in getting 1000 of visitors .

  All you need is thorough reading of this post and implementation of all the tricks and tactics of this post . We are assuring that you will definitely receive 1000 visitors daily . So lets discuss the tricks and tactics of getting 1000 visitors . How to get traffic to your website for free , Follow below tips and increase website Traffic for fast and  free without using any software and tools.

1). Facebook

  Facebook is widely used social media and have a large no. Of daily users . You can use Facebook to boost your traffic and can easily get 1000 of visitors . In order to get maximum benefits from Facebook you have to create a Facebook fan page , it will take few minutes only , then you have to share your blog’s links there and people who will see  your post will visit your website or blog . Further if people will like your shared link there friend will also see that post in their news fees thus makes your post more popular .

  The 2nd benefit of using Facebook fan page is that when you share your link you will get a backlink from your Facebook page to your blog’s post thus , will help your blog in high ranking . High ranking means high traffic . Facebook also useful if you want targeted website visitors or traffic from targeted locations . The traffic from are always free and groups of Facebook are known to be traffic generator for web site owners .

2) Yahoo Answer:

  Another online website that will drive huge traffic to your blog is yahoo answers . 1000 of peoples ask questions daily in yahoo answers , and you can drive this traffic to your blog easily . First of all you have to sign up to yahoo answers . Then always try to give correct answers to the questions , you will earn points and these points will increase your level . Now when you cross level 1 you can comment links to your blog . This link drive traffic to your blog and also give you a backlink that will drive traffic from Google search engine .

3).  Blog Commenting:

      Blog commenting is most successful way of getting traffics from other blogs . All you need is commenting your blog’s link on other blogs . This will give you backlinks and direct traffic to your blog .Blog commenting are well known for seo benefits and can increase organic as well as referral traffic to your site . Don’t Try blog commenting software and build links manually for higher seo benefits .

4). Guest Blogging: –

    Guest blogging is very effective way of getting traffic and backlinks.

All you have is to write an article and publish on some website that will accept your article . They will give you backlink if they approve your request . Most of the peoples submit their popular articles to the big websites just to get a backlink from them . This backlink will definitely increase your organic traffic .

So make a habit of guest posting to be successful in getting organic search traffic.

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5). Forum posting:

Forums are a fantastic tool to direct visitors to your blog. Forums also provide you with high quality backlinks. As you are aware, success depends on high-quality backlinks. Therefore, sign up for several forums that you follow, start participating in discussions, and occasionally publish the link to your blog. If you post too many blog links, you will be flagged as spam and banned from the forum.

6). Twitter :

      every single time I create a blog article. I tweet it on tweeter too . This not only give me PageRank 10 backlink but also a high amount of organic traffic . So , create a tweeter account if you have not a one . Millions of peoples use tweeter and this is the benefit to bloggers .

7). Promote your site unofficially :

A free way of promoting your site and get direct traffic to your blog is writing your blog’s address in appropriate places . Like road side , bus stands, Walls etc are good places to place your  links and then get high traffic and all are free .


  You can get organic visits from search engines but for that you have to write good contents with good selection of keywords. however if you find writing good contents difficult you could refer to above ways of getting visitor or traffic to your  website for free