Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro is introduced in January 2006. It is a higher-end model which belongs to the MacBook family. It is manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron. But the recent releasedate of the MacBook Pro is in November 2019-2020. 

This model of MacBook Pro is the most powerful laptop Apple has ever made. The battery is long-lasting at least it lasts 3 days we can work on it easily and comfortably. It saves all the things automatically we did not have to save it. The keyboard is comfortable and there is a trackpad. It doesn’t hang and we get a speedy performance from the chip of apple mi. It lasts up to eight to eleven years as well as it depends on the model. Macs have strong protection in them but still, they can get a virus in them. It’s rare to see that MacBook Pro get hacked by hackers compared to the windows. Apple MacBook Pro has an excellent retina display as well as it is popular in video editing because it gives a different and stylish design without installation of any photoshop apps we can edit the videos and images and we can get one of the best editing’s on it.

Features of MacBook Pro

Here we will come to know about the AppleMacBook Pro Feature

  • Release date
  • Operating system
  • The size of the display
  • Type
  • Storage
  • Weight 
  • Processors
  • RAM
  • CPU

Now we will get to know about the about suggested topics:

Release date: 

The Apple MacBook Pro was released 16 years ago in January2006 (original), and the current MacBook Pro was released on November 17, 2020. 

Operating system:

It is the higher-end model which belongs to the MacBook family. The system is operated by macOS.

The size of the display:  

Before selecting MacBook Pro, we should see the size of the screen we want. The size of the MacBook Pro screen is 13.3 and 16 inches. If you need a 13.3-inch model then only go for Apple MacBook Pro and there’s also a 16-inch model available.


The type of MacBook Pro is a 13.3 and 16-inch laptop model.


The storage of the MacBook Pro is 256 GB to 8 TB. 512 GB is enough for laptop users as it provides huge space and enough speed.


When buying a laptop, we should also be aware of the weight of the machine. As recent models are lighter than the past models It’s quite thinner and lighter and the MacBook Pro model has 3.1pounds and 43 pounds of weight.


Mi or Intel core i5/i7/i9.


The MacBook Pro has a RAM of 8GB /16GB/ 32GB or 16GB /34 GB/ 64 GB.

MacBook Generations:

There are 6 generations related MacBook.

  • First generation (Aluminium)

Apple MacBook Pro Feature is so good, they use the design of power book G4 but it was replaced with an Intel core processor. They added a webcam and introduced the Mag Safe power connecter. The 15-inch model was introduced in January 2006 and the 17-inch model in April 

  • Second generation (Unibody)

This model was published in October 2008 with 13 and 15 inches and the variant of 17 inches was added in January 2009. This model was named by “Unibody model ‘’ because from a single piece of Aluminiumit’s the case was machined.

  • Third generation (Retina)

MacBook Pro was released in the year 2012. The size was 15 inches in June 2012 and a model of 13 inches in October. This model is thinner than its predecessor. A high-resolution retina display was also included.

  • Fourth generation (Touch bar)

In the fourth generation, Apple MacBook Pro was released in October 2016. It adopts USB -C for all the data and power. It included a “butterfly” mechanism keyboard.

  • Fifth generation (Magic keyboard)

Thefifth-generation MacBook Pro was released in November 2016. A scissor mechanism magic keyboard”. The 16-inch model has a screen set in narrower bezels which were followed by a model of 13 inches in May 2020.

  • Sixth generation

Thesixth-generation MacBook Pro was released in November 2020 (current) and is the first MacBook thatfeatures an Apple-designed processor or the apple mi.


Talking about the MacBook pro, we all know that it is one of the highest demand products of apple. The MacBook Pro has a lot of features, which fascinate the young generation to buy this product. The sixth-generation MacBook pro design is pretty good.

So, if you are planning to buy this product only to use it mostly under windows then I come down on the side of no, but if you want to run OS you just need windows for some program compatibility issue, but in the end, it is your choice. Apple MacBook Pro features are so advanced and also created such a great balance between hardware and software that is almost impossible to have one without the other.

There are other companies too who are offering you the almost same feature at less price. So, it is your choice to buy a MacBook pro.

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