Blogging is defined as information or discussion posted on World Wide Web (WWW), having posting option in it. Blogging got its popularity rising when “Diary” was introduced in 1998 and since then many blogging websites have emerged, among them Facebook and Twitter stand ahead. There are many uses of blogs as it provides easier access to everyone and everyone can ask questions and it’s easier to manage, these are the reasons that Blogging has been adopted by almost every business organizations. There are many advantages of Blogging, if it is done properly.

Blogging Problems:

Blogging seems to be easier task but to manage the Traffic (visitors) and keeping Up-to-date is a hard task and many business organizations face less traffic flow due to improper blogging, click here to read more about blogging problems that should be avoided.


Unsuccessful blog can be victim of forgetting the Motto of Blogging, which is “to provide customer with updated information and easy interaction”, but many of Business bloggers forget this and post information is outdated or either very hard to understand. A visitor needs all the information in easy language and in easy viewing, a blog with more visual effects and easy navigation will be liked by visitors and they will be automatically attracted to your business organization.


A blog is way to interact with people and it is the way to inspire people to buy your products/services, it should be noted that too much adverting will end in less or no traffic at all because people are not attracted to direct advertising, there are many ways to advertise try different every time.

Blog Posting Time:

One of big blogging problems is its timing, it should be remembered that a blog shouldn’t be outdated or too much updated as outdated blog will annoy the customer and too much updating will create extra Burdon on your management. A blog should be posted per week or twice per week and it should be remembered that a blog is not just about your products, you can post many other side information’s as well. The timing can be set by visiting and noticing your competitors timing. If blogging times are consistent then it will provide ease not only to you but to all of visitors as they will know when to re-visit the blog.


Blogs are made to interact and if your business blog is facing poor interaction with customers and you are not answering their Queries and then they will not be visiting your blog again. A query should be answered as soon as possible to keep your customer updated and happy.

Importance to Customers:

Customers are main target for blogging and they should be given (or shown) importance, it is one of blogging problems that business bloggers don’t listen to their customers, which results in un satisfied customers, effecting your business reputation.

Poor SEO:

Search engine optimizers are great way to expand your business and they can boost your business up to maximum extent as when your blog is on first page of search engines, it will get more clicks but hiring a keyword focused SEO will cause your blog to fail as when your blog will fail to provide customer satisfaction, it won’t be visited. So Hire a SEO who can provide good quality content as blogs with high quality are more effective.

Image Usage:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, images are great way to explain your business and a blog with pictures in it is also said to be more visited than other blogs but some business blogging problems include poor picture display and wrong way of displaying images. A picture should be posted on a blog after knowing is placement and order of display and a picture shouldn’t be posted on a blog which hits any region or religion.


Blogger should know how to interact with people and should use a universal and easy language and should have support of regional languages as well which will give your blog an edge over other.