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Best Programming Languages for AI Development

There’s no better time to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) than now. AI has been enjoying wide attention in the tech world and has been attracting massive amounts of investments. Many tech companies, established and startups alike, now have dedicated teams that explore how AI can be used in their solutions. In fact, even companies providing IT solutions, like Bedrock IT Managed Service provider, are working double time on their AI research and development, so they don’t get left behind.

AI encompasses a broad topic that ranges from basic computing solutions to automated technologies to sophisticated robots. The ultimate challenge to AI developers is to make a system that can rival human intelligence. But even if such a system doesn’t materialize soon, AI technologies are expected to drastically impact our everyday lives.

With all eyes on AI, lucrative careers and opportunities in this sector are plentiful. If you want to learn a new skill that will truly be rewarding in the future, that’s definitely AI development. To start your journey in the world of AI technology, you should first learn a programming language that can be used in the AI field.

Here are some of the best programming languages for developing AI apps.

1. Python

Python is probably the most widely used programming language in AI development due to its simple UI. It focuses on Rapid Action Development (RAD) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). Developers prefer Python because it can seamlessly integrate with commonly used AI algorithms and data structures. Additionally, it has a voluminous library that helps simplify app development across multiple platforms and applications. Commonly used Python libraries include ‘Requests’, ‘Scrapy’, ‘wxPython’, SQLAlchemy’ and ‘Pillow’.

What sets Python apart from other programming languages includes its holistic language design, testing framework, modular and high-level programming. It also allows fast prototyping. Furthermore, there are a lot of informative posts available on the internet about Python. It takes about 1 year to learn Python on a professional level.

2. Lisp

Created in 1958 by Dr. John MaCarthy, the person who coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’, Lisp is among the oldest programming languages. Although Lisp is not as widely used as other languages, it offers flexibility to users.

Lisp was originally created for Lambda Calculus but it has gone many major improvements. It paved the way for many innovative ideas in data science that include tree data structure, higher-order functions, self-hosting compiler, recursion, and dynamic typing automatic storage management. Some AI developers prefer Lisp for programs that compute with symbols. Actually, Lisp is good at both computing and symbolic expression. Another advantage of Lisp is that it consists of a macro system, library of collection types, and well-developed compiler for efficient coding.

3. Java

Another great programming language for AI, Java is object-oriented and provides all the advanced features necessary for developing AI-equipped solutions. It also features a built-in garbage collection and is portable. It also helps that Java has a wide community that provides useful insights on AI development.

AI developers find the Java Virtual Machine technology very helpful. This technology enables users to develop a single app version that is compatible with all Java-supported platforms. Other benefits of using Java in AI field is that it has better user feedback, easy debugging, well-supported large-scale projects, and integration with Widget Toolkit and Swing.

4. C++

If you are looking for a reliable and fast AI programming language, then C++ is your best bet. C++ enables communication at the hardware level for faster program execution. For AI projects that are time-sensitive, C++ is the top choice. This language is commonly used in AI applications for search engines, games, neural networks, as well as in writing algorithms that need speed execution.

5. Prolog

One of the earliest programming languages, Prolog is suitable for developing AI programs. It features flexible frameworks such as LPA Intelligence Server, Logic Server API, JPL and Interprolog that AI developers find truly useful in creating programs. Prolog language is declarative and rule-based as it contains rules and facts that dictate the coding language of the AI app. It also supports basic mechanisms that include tree-based data structuring, automatic backtracking essential for AI programming, and pattern matching. Prolog is commonly used in developing medical systems.


These are just five of the most commonly used programming languages in the AI field. You can learn many other languages besides English. You just have to decide on which language will best suit the project you are working on.


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