call of duty

Everybody knows about or at least has heard of the Call of duty. You know team death match you played all these with your friends and when you think about shooters all of the city’s one of the first that comes to mind it’s being described as console gold call of duty is the world’s most popular game franchise selling more than any other game in the competition and is one of the most prized possessions that Activision has. The one thing that separates the ll of duty from the other game is that it constantly follows its formulaic design and its blockbuster stories are always a delight to the senses. The call of duty game came from the original world War 2 trilogy and the groundbreaking release fare 2 the launch of the title of our very own massive exports league now the fourth iteration of Claude is one of the best-selling video games. Call of duty has brought autosomal and impeccable game mechanics to the hottest shooter format on the planet this is all of the stories.

  • 2003 call of duty 
  • 2005 call of duty 2
  • 2006 call of duty 3 
  • 2007 call of duty 4: modern warfare
  • 2008 call of duty: world at war 
  • 2009 call of duty: modern warfare 2
  • 2010 call of duty: Black ops
  • 2011 call of duty: modern warfare 3
  • 2012 call of duty black ops 2
  • 2013 call of duty: Ghosts 
  • 2014 call of duty advanced warfare
  • 2015 call of duty: Black ops 3 
  • 2016 call of duty: infinite warfare
  • 2017 call of duty: WWII
  • 2018 call of duty: Black ops 4
  • 2019 call of duty mobile 
  • 2020 call of duty warzone

Now we will discuss the above call of duty

2005 call of duty 2: It was the long-awaited sequel that everyone wanted at the time and the game was the one thing that separated it from the competition the amazing cast of voice actors made this game a staple in this country.

2006 call of duty 3: It was one of the most fantastic additions to the franchise and the fact that it was made only in three months is a testament to Trey arch’s ability as a game developer. However, when it came to publishing the game Activities did make a very weird creative decision Call of duty 3, was released in France.

2007 call of duty 4 modern Warfare: It was the most revolutionary title in call of duty history. It bought the franchise out of the 1940s into the 2010s and made modern warfare a central’s theme. Call of duty modern warfare was meant to be a visceral and adult experience. It is the first call of duty to be rated by the entertainment software rating board.

2008 of duty world at war: This war was a return to the world war era and it brings a couple of references with it. This game features references to some famous fictional film privates in the opening mission you see private pile who was the main character in the full metal jacket in 1987.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2:

It is the perfect example of where the franchise wanted to go next though as it was by far the most realistic and advanced game in the franchise not only that despite its urban comb setting it was the most grandiose game in the franchise to date. 

2009 call of duty Black ops: as the first time the series explores uncharted territories. However, the experimentation paid off as within 24 hours of sale on call of duty black ops sold 5.6 million copies in us and UKLeaking the record.

2010 call of duty modern warfare 3: It was the end of the modern warfare saga at the time. The game also had one of the ambiguous endings in the series as it speculated that captain price died from his wounds.

2011 call of duty Black ops 2: While black ops 2 was a phenomenal absolute record-breaking game there was one thing they did it messed up and it was something that eventually ended up everything.

2013 Call of duty Ghosts: unlike most of the games in the franchise call of duty Ghosts was one of the biggest mistakes in extroversion.  Aside from being one of the least selling games in the call of duty game launches it was also stated to have a sequel which was canceled due to its poorly received game.

2014 call of duty advanced warfare:  Most of the time video games hire popular actors for their faces and then to do the work for their game. However advanced warfare took the heavy round almost every single player character’s physical appearance is based on the real-life voice actors.

2015 call of duty black ops 3: It was a kind of a huge leap when it comes to the franchise it wasn’t anything like fans had expected either as the game doesn’t take place 5 or 10 years after the second game but rather the whole 40 years after a black op.

2016 call of duty Infinite warfare: It was the franchise’s highest reach when it comes to the science fiction route they were taking. Unfortunately, it was well and it saw massive criticism.

2017 call of duty WWII: It was the perfect return to form this series could have gotten and yet it kept things refreshing by adding in the second you wouldn’t have done before.

2018 call of duty black ops 4: Call of duty black ops 4 was one of the weirdest ones and honestly one of the most unlikely things ever to happen to the franchise.

2019 call of duty mobile: It is the first fully-fledged call of duty League game ever released on the mobile platform call of duty ever released on the mobile phone. It was one of the games that become a huge export scene in mobile gaming.

2020 – 2022 call of duty black ops cold war: This is one of the most important aspects of the black ops game where the characters and the actors who portrayed the biggest hit of the black ops cold war.

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