7 Important Tips to Tile a Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom countertops need to be reliable and durable, as we put many things on them and do a lot of things with them. We also need it to be nice for interior beauty. Among several choices on the countertop, having it tiled is one of the most frequent choices people make. If you want it too, these tips show you how to do it right.

1. Choosing the Right Size

Getting the exact measurement on your countertop will be essential. First, multiply the length and width of the targeted area. Here you get the square measurement. Then, you should also calculate the size of the faucet. Take notes on the results.

2. Matching Colour

Try to bring samples to make sure that your tiles match the bathroom tiles. To make it safe, it is recommended to buy the tiles from the same brand. You can follow the color code to make it easier.

3. Grout Colour

Your grout should also be the same color as your tiles. It is to provide the smoothest result on your countertop. Buy it while you are buying the tiles. It will be easier to find a matching color among them.

4. Store Extra

Buy more tiles than needed. Especially when we are about to do it by ourselves, we will need to have extras in case we break them or ruin the sides. It will be useful when we make repairs later as well.

5. About Texture

Tiles are available in many texture choices. For bathroom countertops, it is advised that we pick one that is smooth and flat to make sure we can put things on top of it.

6. Spacing

Be careful with your tile spacing. It will define your countertop look. Give small spacing for the grout, but make sure it does not too distant. Too distant spacing will give bad look on your countertop.

7. Professional Service

If you are not sure about doing it yourself, you can try to hire an experienced professional to do it. It can be tricky because reckless actions will lead to plumbing problems as well.

Knowing the entire technique and learning from those tips are very essential on your project’s success. Discuss the tips with more experienced people if you are not really sure yet. You can also make your own surveys to see if those tips will work well in your bathroom. Then, start your own project and save more money by learning from those tips.

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