Okay, so you’ve just moved to a new city and you find yourself in a rather overwhelming situation where you seem to be mentally lost and have no idea what to do. There’s so much you want look out for and explore but you don’t know from where to start. Now, before you get dejected any further, you might want to give your smartphone a chance to help you unlock the new city! Yes, what follows is a list of 5 incredibly useful apps that will make you life a breeze in a new city.


If you’ve just moved to a new city or even if you’re having a mini vacation in an unknown city, one app that will save your day is AroundMe. This app is undoubtedly the best you can lay your hands on, if you’re looking to explore the city and the areas around you. This ingenious app detects your exact location and lets you find out points of interest located around you by giving out information about your surroundings. Once downloaded, AroundMe enables users to select from categories such as bars, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, hospitals, banks, ATMs, and much more. Once selected, the app will list out all the businesses in the categories you have selected along with the distance from your location. What’s more, you can also view the location and route on a map, and even save the information to your contact list or email it – perfect!

Gas Buddy

If you’re new to a city, chances are that you’re going to be doing a lot of driving. Whether it’s for shopping for the new home, locating new businesses, or even just exploring the surroundings, driving is going to be inevitable. Ultimately, this suggests that your gas budget is likely to take a hit with all that driving that you’re going to be doing. Well, why worry so much about the fuel when you can have Gas Buddy at your assistance? Gas Buddy is a nifty app that lets you know about gas stations around your area that can fetch you the cheapest fuel. The app uses your location via the pin code you enter, or the GPS on your phone, to locate the nearest gas stations having the cheapest fuel rates, and also lets you compare prices. This is essentially a community driven app where users can enter the latest real-time fuel prices in their locality. So, fill up your car with the cheapest fuel, and have fun exploring!


If you’re not already using HopStop to get you around the city effortlessly, it’s high time you did so! HopStop is undoubtedly one of the most efficient apps in the market when it comes to public transport. It is packed with a number of nifty options as far as commuting is concerned, such as maps, transport schedules, estimated travel costs for different transit systems, routes for different modes of transport, and much more. The app covers a range of different cities across the globe, giving users the best route to their destination. Whether you want to travel by rail, via the subway, by taxi, bus, cycling, or even if you want to travel by foot, HopStop gives you detailed directions, recommended routes, and information regarding the fare. As long as you have HopStop on your phone, you will never need any other public transport app.


Okay, so you’re busy exploring and driving around the new city and you suddenly realize you’ve got a flat tire. You’re driving in an unfamiliar location and your car suddenly breaks down. Roadside emergencies could crop up anytime and being in an unfamiliar location only makes things worse. However, with RepairPal at your service, you needn’t worry. This amazing app detects your current location and then accordingly helps you locate a good and reliable mechanic close to your area. What’s more, it even gives you access to immediate roadside assistance via a toll-free number – brilliant!

Wi-Fi Finder

This whole idea of downloading an app that locates Wi-Fi access might sound silly or futile initially but believe it or not, while you’re in a new city, free Wi-Fi can come in extremely handy and you won’t stop thanking this app once you realize that. Whether you need to send an urgent email, whether you run out of internet on your phone, or if you want to avoid spending extra cash for Wi-Fi access in your hotel room, or even if you need to look up some information about the new city or download some handy apps, free Wi-Fi always helps. The app directs you to the nearest free Wi-Fi spots along with the route, and you can also filter the location type such as restaurants, bars, cafés, and so on. All in all, a great way to get some free internet and in the process, discover new hang out’s!

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