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In our life we love to travel many places. As a result of our lack of understanding about the area, we engage someone or a corporation to show us the route. As a result, cellphones include a wide variety of modern programmes that you may use for free to get directions. Here are some iPhone and Android apps that you enjoy having with you when you travel. These are the free apps to travel lovers.

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Here are list of 5 free travel apps for travel loving persons:-


Urbanspoon is very useful apps while travelling. When you are at unknown place and feel hungry then this app help you in many ways. This app scans your location and helps you to find the closets restaurants, bars, hotels and more. You can simply search its category by price, type and rating.


Yelp is most useful social review website application. This site registered with millions of restaurants, bars, hotels etc with rating and users review about that. This application helps you to discover and find review of restaurants, bars, hotels, cafe and more from the world’s major metropolitan hubs.


This app is introduced by two ‘ex-Googlers’. They have claimed to ‘have an algorithmic approach to travel has access information about more than 8000 places and destinations’. This application not need internet connection to access the guide and some useful features like currency converter, phrase book and active suggestion.


Hailo is a great app for looking cab when you are on travel. This app help you to file nearest black cab, tells you how long this cab can pick you up and gives you some info like registration and drivers mobile number. This app is easy to use and fine the nearest cabbies near your place.

5.XE currency  

This software is the ideal resource for giving travellers access to currency exchange rates around the globe. This programme gives you real-time information about daily currency changes around the globe. Additionally, a calculator to determine currency values is included in this application. In this application you can also save data for offline uses as well.

These are the 5 Android and iPhone apps for our travel lover who loves to travel the world and love to visit new places. This application helps them to provide the best on the go. They can find these applications on online Android and iPhone market store. For more info visit Google play and search for these application on Google play for android. Apple lovers can find these applications on app store for download. They can direct download from app store.

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