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5 SEO Tricks You Have To Say Good Bye

The use of the concept of search engine optimization is one of the main things that the internet marketing system has been blessed with. It gives you a leverage of determining how visible you want your website and, therefore, your goods and services to be in the market you are targeting. The simple LCM of the whole thing lies in getting the use of this concept of search engine optimization right. Now, to tell you the truth, there are a lot of methods and systems that people have been using in the past to get their websites ranked by Google and other search engines to attract visibility that are being phased out.

The internet is one area in life that evolves at the highest speed, and we all have to get along or be left behind.  The sequel to this, these 5 SEO tricks, that has worked considerably well for a lot of internet marketers in the past is no longer relevant. They must be abandoned in 2023 if you are ever looking at being up to scratch, or achieving tangible things online with SEO.

Artificial Link building or link trading

Building links the naturally accepted way might be the best way you can get ranked, and it is very much accepted by Google, but a lot of people go to the extent of fraudulently exchanging or even trading links that are not real. This concept of trying to acquire links from authoritative sites amounts to the use of a lot of tricks, link wheels, and other gimmicks to generate links. This is now prohibited by Google, as they have mapped and developed means of catching and penalizing defaulters. Instead of this, you have to search for other methods like blog posts, videos, presentations, content syndication etc.

Unimportant press releases

When anything has its aim defeated, it is as good as nothing, and should be abandoned absolutely. This is the case when you come to the issue of press releases. Pointless press releases have nothing to offer you. You pay for them just to get them to your market, but when you have nothing to write about, you should not border your clients with fluff that simply suggests that your company has nothing tangible to offer.

Spamming in the name of building links

There is a very bad practice of website owners hiring content developers, or anybody at all with a little amount of money, just to get you backlinked by making blog comments that are linked to your site. Commenting by genuine people is the best thing that can happen to your site, but fraudulent and cheap ones damage it.

Avoid over stuffing of keywords

There has been this tendency of keyword overflooding. This is very bad and should be abandoned this year as it is counterproductive. But instead of this, you should try to focus on things like Meta descriptions and the use of both page and article titles to make your visitors understand and get interested in your website and business

Directory and article submission

Other things you need to avoid this year involve paying for directory listings or submitting your site to directories that do not offer things that are related to what your site is all about. Again, most of the article submission sites out there are not real, and add no advantage to either your article or site. Avoid them.

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