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5 SEO Tricks For Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger must want to get ranked high in search engine to drive a more traffic. Different peoples try different techniques. Some peoples pay for the SEO and some do themselves to drive more traffic. Everyone wants a high amount of traffic to their blog.
Therefore here we will come with some solution or it’s also called tricks of SEO to drive more traffic to your blog. These tricks will help you to drive decent amount of traffic to your blog. Let check this out.

1 Insert Keywords In Title

Keywords are main element in the world of SEO. By inserting right keywords in your title will help you to drive traffic and get ranked better in search engine. To find right keywords that suite for your website niche you can use Google keyword tools to find them.

2 Use Keywords In Categories

Use keywords in the categories, while setting up your blog. When you use rich keyword for categories, that will make a url for each post. It will help to drive more traffic when people are looking for something related to your keywords on web.

3 Make Use Of Blog Directories

There are many blog directories available online today like DMOZ JoeAnt etc. Usually they have special categories for blogs that will help to get listed in specific related category. This will help you to bring more traffic to your blog.

4 Offer RSS feeds

Always use RSS feeds for your blog. This will help you to directly deliver your content into subscribers email. Many people prefer to read blogs by email instead visiting every blog each day. This is a fantastic method of increasing traffic to your website.

5 Comment On Others Blog

Commenting on others blog is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It also facilitates relationships between you and other bloggers. Make sure that you are using your real name and blog name instead of using keywords in your comment.
These few tricks and tips will help you to learn how to drive traffic to your blog.

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