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5 Expensive Gadgets You Only Want To Buy If Money Is Spilling Out Your Ears

A lot of us spend a huge amount on gadgets every year, but I’ve given people a sneak peek at some expensive gadgets the filthy rich can purchase without even breaking a sweat.

Everyone loves to spend their money on cool new gadgets, but have you ever noticed that most of them are pretty cheap? I’m sure people really enjoy playing on their iPad, but there are much bigger and better gadgets on the market. The kind you need to take out a second mortgage to buy, but once you bring them home you can have amazing fun with them for years.

Do you have a few dollars tucked away and you’re unsure what to spend it on? Maybe an expensive gadget is just what you and your home needs, so we’re going to take a look at some of the options you have available to you. After you’ve finished reading each paragraph you can close your eyes and imagine walking out of the store with each one.

A villain chair

If you watched a lot of cartoons when you were a child you probably noticed all the villains had something in common. In order to take over the world they needed to be well-rested and they accomplished this by sitting in a huge villain chair. You can buy a villain chair just like the ones they used and it will be equally as amazing. It doesn’t actually do anything other than provide you with great comfort, but if you love sitting down and sympathize with cartoon villains it might be the chair for you.

iPhone crystal docking station

If your living room is beautiful you don’t want to ruin the look by sticking a plastic docking station on your table. You want something that looks great, so what could be more attractive than a crystal docking station? It will blend in with all your other fancy ornaments and it’s sure to impress anyone who visits your home. The docking station might be as expensive as the iPhone itself, but you can’t let that worry you.

Ying Yang couples bathtub

You will feel like you’re in a fancy spa if you have one of these bathtubs inside your home. It’s literally two bathtubs right next to each other and they are facing in opposite directions. Each person has to jump in their own tub and they will be facing their partner. There are cool colored lights built-in and it wouldn’t be complete without champagne glass holders. If you want to bath in style from now on this is definitely something to look at.

Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

Carrying a knife around in your pocket is sometimes a good idea because you never know when you’ll need it. You might need to open a bottle, or it could be something as simple as cutting the skin off your fruit. If you purchase the Giant Swiss Army Knife you will be able to tackle anything because it’s full of every accessory you will ever need. The fact it’s over 8 inches long might stop you from carrying it around in your pocket, but you can still try.

Emperor 200, the ultimate work station

Working from home is fun, but sometimes you get bored sitting in your office. At times you probably wish you were flying through the galaxy on a large spaceship, or is that just me? The Emperor 200, from MWE Lab is definitely the sexiest home work station on the market and you will feel like you’re piloting a spaceship when you sit inside it. Once you step inside you won’t want to come back out, so imagine how much work you will get done each day.

Personalized Whac-A-Mole game

You must have played this game a lot when you were a child, but I bet you’ve not played one with personalized mole heads. Who do you feel like bashing over the head with a mallet? How about your old boss? Or maybe that crazy ex that didn’t stop calling you once it was over. You will never stop having fun. If that wasn’t enough this gadget will even come hidden away inside a beautiful drinks cabinet, so you just need to decide what bottles you’ll keep on your shelf.

Are they a waste of money?

If you can’t afford to feed yourself you probably don’t want to buy any of these gadgets, but if you have lots of money available you should treat yourself. You’ve got to admit you’ll sure have a lot of fun. It doesn’t even stop there because if you look hard enough you will find gadgets that are well over one million dollars. If you don’t know how anything could cost that much I should probably tell you they include flying hovercraft and personal submarines. Now those sound magic.


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