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42+ Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration

No matter if they are do follow or no follow links, social bookmarking sites are very beneficial in obtaining high-quality backlinks with a high Page Rank. These websites increase your traffic and aid in better SEO (search engine optimization). All without requiring any user signup. However , some peoples tried to get back links of do follow type and then their balance of back links becomes unstable .

In this case when you have more do follow back links than  no follow ones , a manual review of backlink profile is done by google’s anti-spam team. So its better if you create both do follow and no follow backlinks to your site. So I am giving you below a list of do follow social bookmarking site for 2022-2023. Register there and start optimizing social sites. Don’t start sending spam because these are reliable websites. They can assist you in a variety of ways in the future, so it is best to manage your account and slightly raise the number of backlinks.

Advantage of social bookmarking sites

  1. It boosts the popularity of a brand.
  2. Because search engines appreciate social bookmarking sites, it aids in boosting search engine ranks.
  3. By giving your site quality backlinks, it raises your site’s high quality PageRank and domain authority.
  4. Because search engines use social bookmarking for deeper indexing as well as faster indexing, it helps your website become indexed more quickly.
  5. It aids in driving focused visitors to niche website pages.
  6. Due to focused visitors, the website’s bounce rate is reduced.
  7. It could assist in making your post go viral, 

How to use social bookmarking sites to create backlinks.

The concept is simple, just go to below do follow social bookmarking sites and register their for an account. After adding your website’s link, you are finished. Every link you share counts as a backlink to your website.

we receive 1800+ visitor per day from and alone. You can easily increase these figures  by just optimizing social media sites in effective way .

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New and unrestricted Dofollow fast approval social bookmarking websites list

PageRank 8 sites

1. pr 8

2. Pr 8

3. pr 8

4. pr 8

5. pr 8

6.   pr 8

7. pr 8

PageRank 7 sites

8. Pr 7

9. pr 7

10. pr 7 

11. pr 7

12. pr 7

PageRank  6 sites

13. pr 6

14. pr 6

15. pr 6

16. pr 6

17. pr 6

PageRank 5 sites

18. pr 5

19. pr 5

20. pr 5

21. pr 5

22. pr 5

PageRank 4 sites

23. pr 4

24. pr 4

25. pr 4

26. pr 4

27.  Pr 4

PageRank 3 sites

28. pr 3

29. pr 3

30. pr 3

31. pr 3

32. pr 3

PageRank 2 sites

33. pr 2

34. pr 2

35. pr 2

36. pr 2

37. pr 2

PageRank 1 sites

38. pr 1

39. pr 1

40. pr 1

41. pr 1

42. pr 1

Conclusion :

   Here are only pr 1 to pr 9 social bookmarking sites, because pr 0 have no benefit in quality and PageRank. As these sites evolve over time, this list will be periodically updated. Utilize the social bookmarking services on this list to enjoy all their benefits. All of them offer immediate approval and don’t require account registration. If this list genuinely helps you, leave a comment below and link back to this article.

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