Small business owners are always on the lookout for budget friendly business tools and resources that can help grow their business without compromising on quality.

Below are 10 services and tools that help small businesses grow while keeping costs down.

10 Low-Cost Business Tools

Salesforce Desk

For small businesses, customer service is one area they can use to set themselves apart from their competitors. Salesforce Desk helps you do that by providing a customer relationship management tool that centralizes all your customer interaction, be it via email, Twitter, Facebook, phone or live chat.

Cost: $3/month for up to 3 customer service agents (Starter Plan)


Olark is a live chat program for your business website. Customers are 40% more likely to stay longer on a website with live chat than one without. They’re also three times more likely to come back. (Source: Olark).

The best part? Olark integrates with Salesforce desk.

Cost: Starts at $15/month.


Sometimes, it’s all about getting in touch with your customer or client base at the right time.

Contactually helps you do that by prompting you to get in touch with your contacts and even provides context in the form of social media updates and your past interactions with them to help you personalize the contact.

Cost: Starts at $19.99/month.

Conference Calling

Every small business needs a conference calling solution. Conference Calling offers excellent flat-rate monthly packages along with a Pay-Per-Call option for businesses with sporadic need for conference calls.

Cost: $19/month


Yammer is a social network for companies. It helps employees communicate effectively irrespective of their geographical location.

Cost: $3 per user per month. They also have a free basic network option.

Qualaroo Insights

Qualaroo Insights helps you understand customer experience on your website. It allows you to survey your website visitors and provides insights based on their answers.

It integrates with a bunch of other online tools including Olark.

Cost: $79/month


Every small business needs to research prospects. Lead 411 cuts down your research time by providing accurate information about companies and other business data including email addresses and phone numbers.

Cost: $29.95/month


Freshbooks is a cloud based accounting solution for small businesses. It allows them to track time, log expenses and invoice clients very easily giving them more time to do productive work.

Cost: $19.95/month. They also offer a free account.


Postling allows small businesses to manage all their social media activities from one place including posting & scheduling updates, keeping track of responses, and finding out what people are saying about your business.

Cost: $10/month


Small businesses can’t afford any online downtime. Having your website down for just half an hour can hurt sales. Which is why having a secure and reliable hosting is imperative for small business success.

Synthesis by Copyblogger Media is a hosting solution for WordPress based business websites that focuses on up-time and website security.

Cost: $27/month